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Photographing Flowers: Giving the more impression

Photographing flowers are a mainstay of the photographer, especially for the new photographer. This is because the subject of the image are anywhere, around the residence, workplace and others.
Flowers are wonderful gifts given to us, so it should never be satisfied just because we have a great flowers in the subject of form, color and rarity. If that happens then we'll just get a good photo. Therefore, there are flowers to photograph certain tips that the images result we have more impression, or not amateurs.
What is the difference between an amateur photographer and competent photographer. To be a competent photographer are not required to be a professional photographer, but someone artsy photographer, this might be called photography, namely the values ​​of art in all activities photographed. The results are bound to make every eye that sees our photographs amazed.

Supporting elements of the art of photography in photographing flowers are what I want to share, in order to open the discourse in photographing flowers, and that will make a photographer would be proud of his work. Of course, after understanding its roots, please develop your artistic potential. Remember art is not the limit, no rules, no hanging tools, and others, all just depends on who was behind the camera.
1.     No need got to flower garden
Flowers are everywhere, so there's no reason we would not take pictures of flowers because they do not have the beautiful flowers. Any flowers, whether good shape and the mediocre or even poor was not a problem to get artsy flower photo.
Remember all depends on who was behind the camera. Develop your artistic soul and imagination optimally.
2.    Never Photographing flowers From Above
Photographing flowers from above or perpendicular to the petals will make the images seem bland, mediocre, alias amateur.
Shooting angle can be from anywhere, from the right or left side, left or right oblique, or from the bottom, will give the impression the photo of our flowers.
3.    Give water droplets
Give petals or around it, can be at the base of the flowers, leaves and other, with water droplets. The water droplets will provide a very strong natural nuance.
How to get water point are : shoot early in the morning where the dew points is not to evaporate, or photographing flowers after rain. If the condition does not get it, we can make a water drplets created by spraying water into the points which we are headed. Use a sprayer to spray plants or used an iron that has been cleaned, set the water granules.
Direction and magnitude of point granules should be determined carefully, repetitive exercises need to get the best images.

4.    Set Background to suit the subject
Background should be set such that the background to support the subject (flower). If we want to highlight the subject without having to show the impression of the location , ie. just want to highlight the beauty of the subject in general we are looking for or make the background black or white, depending on the dominant color of the subjects .
Avoid as much as possible the background is brighter than our subjects, this is to avoid a blacklight and gosty appeared on the subjects.
Avoid crowded backround, so that the subject be drowned out by the background .
Background colors that match the subject should also be avoided because it will drown the subject , unless you have an exceptional capacity or had not at the level of amateurs , in this case is the mastery of hardware do you have ( camera settings , flash , etc. ) or you 've mastered the technique photographing professional level ( setting lighting , apperture , speed , aperture , composition , etc. ) . If you are still not sure of your abilities better background color matching the color of the subject is avoided.
5.    Adjust the shape and composition
Arrangements or seek curve shape or form that would otherwise be very distinctive accent and will support admiration. The composition of the main subjects and supporters are also very decisive impression that will appear. Never stop never be afraid to try.
6.    Be patient and use a tripod
You have to be patient to get the photos are artsy and focus, especially if you are shooting outdoors. The wind is too strong will make the plants irregular wobbling so hard to get the portraits that focus, wait for the wind to subside.
7.    Adding a certain accent
To enhance the artistic value and accentuates the subject, then you can add supporting subjects such as insects or other objects. But remember not to have the impression of supporting subjects more prominent than the main subject (flower).
Good Luck.
nice background

nice background

 the impression of supporting subjects more prominent than the main subject (flower)
Avoid crowded backround, so that the subject be drowned out by the background

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