Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look Beautiful With Hijab Dress

Some women feel inferior if it does not appear in an open fashion / minimal because of fear of other people say is not pretty or sexy. However, some women choose to dress appear more introverted and choose fashion show with veiling, and in fact those who perform with hijab dress look more beautiful and graceful.
Today, more and more Muslim women who choose to hijab dress rather than an “open”  dress, both fashion in the workplace, street fashion, dress casual or everyday clothing. Moreover, today many options, models and colors are up-to-date, so that the women more easily and freely choose, in accordance with the conditions, situations, events and finances.
The option to wear minimal clothing or hijab kind other than specified by the will of the woman was too much determine by the closest people, like parents, husband, boyfriend, and friends. However, choices about the type of clothing you wear are your personal rights.


Elvirah said...

It feels great changing according to fashion and also keep up with the traditions.

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