Saturday, December 28, 2013

They are 10 days old

The end of December, I gained presence kittens are cute, four kittens. Currently the kittens 10 days old and may just open their eyes. Kittens are healthy and very adorable fat.
Unfortunately, due to the mother unhappy bright place, with forced placed in a cage darker. It becomes a problem to get a good photo shots, because I do not want to use flash for fear of disturbing or injuring the eyes of the kittens. 
To get enough light, so I set in aperture up to f1.8, raiseing the ISO to 1000 and reduce the shutter speed until 1/5. With the value of ISO 1000 delivers increased noise consequences occur. With a low shutter speed gives the risk of blur when the kittens are moving. Of a couple tens of shots, the images are for the best. Hopefully these tips can make the experience of discourse to get better shots, if you get the conditions and situations like it. Happy nice day.

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