Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Awards to Photographs of suhartono the Art

Again, in the first middle month of February 2012, the suhartono the Art's photographs win two awards from The first photographs submitted in "Fine Art" category, which documented playing hula-hoop expertise in a circus show.
The second photograph, a photo submitted in "Commercial & Journalism" category, which captured the activity of the lower class families to make a living by breaking stones of the mountain into a smaller size  so it can be sell to the construction of irrigation project in progress around it.


Marms said...

Oh congratulations. The photo in your post looks stunning and wonderfully captured.


Kristin huds said...
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Kristin huds said...

Great creativity you have performed, and also a unique topic you have chosen for photography, both images looking great, thanks for sharing these images.