Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Awards for “Suhartono the Art” Photos

During period of January 2012, four photographs of suhartono the Art awarded from www.pixoto.com. These awards include of:
        1.   Weekly Awards for 4 photographs
        2.   Monthly Awards for 4 photographs
The fourth photographs are just able to entering in award level of Top 20%, this award level is lowest of all award levels that set by www.pixoto.com cates.
Although all of 4 my photograph just able in lowest awards level : entering in 20% of all contested photographs, but these awards enough to motivate myself to be better, and that is a point to follow all the photo contest : ..... to be better than ever.
The fourth photographs has been uploading on this website before : The Circus Ballerinas - A Beautiful Human Art and Samawa Art Festival.

Awards of January

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