Friday, September 9, 2011

Beaverboard Mosques at Takbeer Night

Takbeer Night’s in Mataram was very lively. As it is known that Takbeer's done at night from the end of Ramadan which tomorrow is the beginning of the month of Shawwal (1 Shawwal) which is the feast of Muslims around the world. Takbeer’s a thing that must be done as the glorification of God’s name.
The cultures of Mataram, had Takbeer night done with parade of the replica of the mosques from each Muslim community. The replicas of the mosques made from cardboard and plywood formed in such a way that is similar from each of the mosques, even a replica of the mosque under construction was displaying on the parade. The replicas also adorned by an attractive lighting so it can display the beauty of each mosque. Then, the replicas placed on the pickup, paraded around the city, and accompanied by bedug (a traditional drum) and other musical instrument and reading Takbeer.

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