Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anticipation of Limited Light to Get More Image Quality

In many conditions or exciting moments to be photographing, the photographers often get around the constraints of the availability of light around the subject, mainly at dusk and at night. 
In many photographers, particularly the beginners, the limited availability of light conditions often made them desperate. Actually this is where the art of photography! Where conditions of limited support can produce a quality portrait is more than just portraits.
If these conditions (limitation of light that cannot be anticipate with flash) is encounter, no need to panic and despair, try to maximize the potential you have. One way to get lighter is by wisely combining the three main components of the camera, which set the aperture as possible, set the shutter speed as low as possible and raise the ISO
Setting the three main components must be wise, because there are consequences that must be accept if the three main components are simply maximize. Some consequences that often result are: 
1.         The resulting images become blur, this occurs when subjects in a moving condition, this is caused by low shutter speed
2.            Increasing the ISO will produce excessive noise in pictures taken.
The photos below show that the limited availability of light in a circus show can deliver a quality photograph that gives impression of more than just show photos. 
The photos below show that the limited availability of light in a circus show can be deliver quality of images/photos that gives more impression than just show photos.

SONY : f/5.0 F 1/50 sec ISO-800 with Flash
SONY  : f/4.5 F 1/8 sec ISO-1600 without Flash

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Baruga Sasak said...

This article has given new insight to maximize the conditions around us to provide quality images. It works great, good technique. thanks