Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lombok Island : A thousand Incredible Minarets

Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara Barat known as a thousand Mosques Island. Mosques built by the Muslim community from the capital of the province to village mosques throughout the Lombok Island. Mosques were built with their own or governmental organizations, received donation from the Regional Government, Religious Organizations or from public assistance overseas, especially from Middle Eastern countries.
Mosques built in the 1990's era up to now always apply architectural design is superb, no matter how great mosque and the village mosque. Of course, to the huge funds needed to scale the size of each mosque. An interesting phenomenon applied by a committee of the mosque to anticipate the shortage of funds, which is to build domes and minarets first to wake up properly (including painting and decorating the dome and minarets appropriate the design). Why is that? There are some interesting things as the reason, among others:
1.    Motivating to the mosque development committee for remains viable, particularly in the fundraising aspect of development.
2.     Motivating to the communities that a built mosque to enhance the contribution of development funds.
3.    Motivate other Muslim communities and mass organizations or the government to contribute development funds.
4.     As evidence of the accountability of the mosque development committee, told the parties that have donated funds.
5.    The mosque was to be used for worship (though still a section of the main building frame buildings, concrete columns, etc.) and be free from the possibility of rain, sun, etc., so when viewed from the roof is over 100%.
Anticipate funding limitations as above, proved to give positive results in efforts to accelerate the development process of the mosque. Thanks God.
There are a few photos below that can describe how incredible the Muslim community on the island of Lombok in building the mosque, mosque. The photos below if not mentioned as the "Masjid Raya", and then it a mosque that built at the villages, both in towns and inland of Lombok Island.
Many of the mosques is not yet finished its construction and the shortage of development funds still ranged between 40% - 60% of the budget plan.
If the reader were hearts to help, would be much appreciated. If so then can we facilitate this by sending an email to our address, namely: to get a bank account, Paypal, or Alertpay that can be accepting your donation. God willing, your donation 100% will go to the following that deserve it (these donations not for us, just for the mosques). Allah SWT would be the judge. Moreover, the name of the contributor will be displayed on this website if you are concerned do not mind. Thank you.

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