Friday, February 4, 2011

Fire as a Art Photography

Fire, whatever the form, can produce a beautiful and an amazing picture to be seeing in a photo, whether it as firework, candle flame, fire flame (building forest, etc.). Of course, we do not have to burn something a extraordinary to produce fire that be causing of sphere or property damages just to get a amazing picture. We just need to record and capture what happening around us or just to conditioning it to conform to our expectation pictures.
Fireworks are always giving something that evokes emotion many peoplenot only because of the beauty and because of the spectacularbut it is often using in important celebrate  events.
Fireworks, not only as a big fireworks as in fireworks festival, but also as small fireworks or hand-held bar firework, that has beautiful to capture in a photograph.
The candle flame also can produce a beautiful photo, especially, if combine and compose with other light or object. Moreover, it has memorized by many photographer.
The fire of something burning, also has memorized by many photographer with amazing result photos. I only have change to get pictures of the fire that burns thing are small, and until now, never have the opportunity to capture a fire because I did not expect such adverse events.
One more that can be perpetuating into an amazing photo of fire is the process of welding metal and fire from glowing metal.
Try to do the shots of fire around us, try with different angel of shots and not the composition to produce amazing picture more than just “fire photo”.
Below I try to give some examples of photos about fire that is a simple and inexpensive, which can be memorize in a captive and amazing photo. Maybe these photos below have not reached to the amazing level but were captive and can give inspiration to enthusiast’s photography to begin.

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