Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flowers and Tips How to Shooting In Photography

Flower photo is one of the most popular photo projects for the owner of the camera, taking photos of flowers usually obliged to try. Let's discuss some tips on photographing flowers so that the results of your photo will be praised friends.

1. Not necessarily in the flower garden
If you live in the rural highlands or relatively many "collections" plant flowers everywhere, then you are lucky enough. Unfortunately is if you live in an urban city. Fortunately, there is a profession whose name is florist. Find the nearest florist and buy flowers from him. Indeed, so no extra cost but guaranteed you can select the type and quality of flowers as you wish.
2. Do not take pictures of flowers from above
Why do the above? Because not give a special pictures. Try portrait from view side or even from below. Interesting is not it? Try experimenting with a variety of shooting angles; do not be afraid to try!
3. Wetting the flower or shoot after rain or in the morning
Wet or dewy flowers have distinctive to the eye of the beholder. For photographing flowers in wet conditions, you can wait after rain or photographed thing in the morning after the nights dewy. If two ideal conditions not found, you could wet the flower by spraying water. Use a spray of flowers from a little distance away and if you can arrange to water granules as gently as possible so that the texture of water attached to the flower looks soft and natural.
4. Arrange for background in tune
Your intention is to capture the interest photographing their beauty, to make sure that the main object (flowers) remains outstanding beauty, and not be confused with the background out of tune or a background that is too busy. Make every effort so that you get the right background: instead of shooting angle, get rid of that annoying background, choose a large aperture to blur ring the background, or if restricted, do the processing using photoshop to make the background seem more fitting.
5. Get a close-up shooting
To photograph a flower close-up you can do it by: zoom your lens to the maximum, or use a close-up filter, or if you have a SLR camera then you can use a macro lens. Photographing flowers in close-ups help create more background blur and increase the detail that caught on camera so the results are more prominent.
6. For the super close-up photos done in the room
Photo flower super close-ups must be used a macro lens or close-up filter. If you do it outside the room then you have to face several challenges, one of the most difficult part was the wind. Photo flower super close-ups have a very thin focal distance, so that the wind blows and your interest just a little move is already changing the focal point. Therefore, if you can bring the flowers into the room, so the risk of missing the wind will be much easier job. In addition, we will more easily control the background (for example, use paper or cloth in the colors according to your wishes) and lighting (e.g. use of light from the windows as well as some manila paper as a reflector). Use manual focus and use the smallest aperture (f/x, where x is set in the largest number e.g. f/22 or f/16), and use a tripod to help composing a photo.
Okay, good luck and please add some other tips in the comments. Moreover, try delicious all photographs of my shots.
If interested to download or viewing my photos below with the large size can click the link below:
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