Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Framing Photography - Photography Composition Technique

Many of us often put the photos in a frame, both frames as a means of displaying images (such as picture frames for wall hung, placed on a table / nightstand or other places), as well as limiting virtual frame image area with photo paper / other print media.
Special virtual frame, we used to do by using specific software (photoshop, artshop, etc.) After the images, we downloaded from the camera. Framing is a way of displaying photos and images become more profitable to attract attention.
In this article describes the kind of image-making technique that has attracted the attention and gives the function a certain impression of the subject scene. Framing techniques in photography done by giving space restrictions against a subject direct snap and become a part of the mutual support that image by giving or reinforce the impression of the subject.

The benefits of a image framing include:
1.    Giving a context to the photo
Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technologyfor example, framing a scene with a gateway to provide specific information about something or give information of an event on where you take pictures other than the subject of the viewfinder (like the beauty of its architecture, antiquity sites / buildings, etc..).
2.    Adding a message of photos
By framing your shooting technique to convey a message from an image of your portrait, such as about something that is being wasted, environmental hygiene, the dangers that can arise due to acts against other people at random, etc..
3.    Giving the impression of more than photo
By framing techniques to add more impression of the subject image, such as the impression of a sense of depth and layers to give the impression you are very out of the subject of the photo (in essence targeting the subject and put something in the foreground by adding an extra dimension to the shot).
4.    Creating a point of view of photo
Some models 'frames' to draw the appearance of your photo into the picture only by their shape. Some also believe that the frame cannot only attract the eye into the picture but its contents remain there - giving the impression of a barrier between your subject and the outside shots.
5.    Attract viewers of your photo
Sometimes you cannot see what is inside an image that draws you into it as much (if not more than) what can you see in the image. Framing an intelligent audience can make your photos a little to wonder or imagine what is behind your frame, so that it can be quite effective in improving rating your photos (but if one actually would be very annoying!).

Frame for a photograph can be obtained from any objects, including tree branches, mirror, , shot through the window, from behind a fence, behind the foliage, behind the gate, even from the person's head and shoulders, and others.
One rule of thumb that I use is with a question: "Will this will add or give more benefits to the images that I shoot?" If you find the answer: "Yes, this will become more", then shoot immediately. If not, then not to do, because sometimes with framing can add to the chaos or the subject of shooting and make it feel cramped. However, in other conditions, with framing techniques will be able to give something more amazing than the subject or your shoot.
Lastly is considering whether you want, your frame is in focus or not. In some cases a blurred frame / blur or out of focus will really enhance the mood and depth of your shots.However, in other cases to give focus to the frame will provide or add context, impressions and messages from a single subject or event (in this case by choosing a narrow aperture).
Now you can try shooting technique by making a frame the subject you to give that shot to give something more than the subject of your shooting can. Please try.
Please enjoying some sample photos with framing technique at below. Thanks
photo 01

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Art by Tomas said...

While reading your post, I enjoyed it greatly. You built up the conscious approach towards the framing and thus improve our artworks greatly. Thank you for the reminder of what the artists always should recall.