Friday, December 24, 2010

Human and Expectation

Capturing and recording of human life in the attempt to reach expectations and fulfill the responsibilities of life and livelihood, either for himself or for his family, as outlined in the form of photographs is uniqueness in the art of photography.
It is not too easy to get a moment, composition and all aspects required in the art of photography to provide a satisfactory photography result in the human documentation in reaching his expectations.
The difficulty in recording the life of man in reaching his hopes, among others, caused by:
1.      Not all people / humans we are willing to record their daily activities in the image.
2.      Generally, if the subject is human, has a propensity to react when knows he would be filmed or photographed. These reactions may include denial or avoidance, or a change in attitude, style and behavior that were previously not so.
3.      Generally, we / photographers wanted to get situation of what it is, without manipulation, without preparation style, attitude and behavior of subjects.
4.      Moment, composition and the presence of light / lighting as well as something to support and sharpen subjects and activities, pretty hard to find in the same time.
Solutions that can be doing for photographers in anticipation of these constrain factors are:
1.    Bring a camera equipped with a minimum of 200 mm zoom lens, so the photographers position quite distant and hidden from the subjects that will be shoot.
2.    Use a tripod I think the lack of support, because people around will see us, who feared going to give disturbance to the subjects that will be our shoot.
3.    After shooting better and if possible, we should tell the people who make our subject and questioned whether permitted by the person concerned to take, possess or even publish the images.
Based on my experience, especially for the Indonesian people, if you politely ask permission, showing the image and give a little explanation about the use of the image, then they / the subject will give permission and even feel good. What more when the photographer is stranger they will be very happy.
Indonesian people have the nature and welcome the extraordinary attitude, constrain is only in English speaking ability is very limited.
The photos below show the lower classes of human activities and farmers in Indonesia to achieve its future expectations or families can become better by working hard.
Please come to visit Indonesia, you will get a situation that is accented Indonesia, the typical Indonesian, tasted Indonesian are very welcome to strangers. Thank you
human and expectation : when machine unable, human being taking over

Human and expectation : for sake my family subsistence

Human and expectation : Lombok sea fishing techniques

Human and expectation : paddy seedlings
human and expectation - weeds for my livestock
Human and expectation : hopes, she could be a good Muslim and good for nation

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