Friday, December 17, 2010

Strong Women

The first post on my blog contains themes those strong women, women power and women’support. This theme was taking as a tribute to my high regard for women, especially against my women hero, namely my mother, my wife and my daughters.
Some of the first photo is related to the theme, the first, women to be workers of construction projects to help shunt material sand as construction material when the machine / dump truck no longer able to carry on due to the heavy terrain.

These activities were carrying out by Lombok women that put the basket at their heads. Lombok women accustomed to carrying the load or luggage by putting it above the head. This is different once with a Javanese woman where carrying on the back.
Secondly, (no comment), is the perseverance of a woman waiting for her Romeo who a lingering well.
The third, there are the women who helped her husband to seedlings in paddy fields. It is a tradition most of the people of Indonesia where the women farmers who grow rice, either people of Lombok, Java, Bali, Sulawesi and other ethnic groups.
The tradition, the husbands or men are usually responsible for the processing of soil / land preparation, irrigation water management, fertilization, pest eradication, weeding grass (the women sometimes do), keep the plant from pests and diseases, post harvest management.
The women are traditionally in addition to planting paddy seedlings, they usually also a rice crop at harvest time, workers are usually men as additional staff, collecting the results of cutting rice.
Why is that? The activities of seedling and paddy crop at harvest are a relatively light work of the power/energy aspects, but needs more accuracy and perseverance that owned by women compared with men.
The fourth, is one example of the power or women support (although still toddlers) to motivate and provide a glimmer of hope to men (in this picture, motivating here father) only through a sincere smile.
This theme, perhaps rarely suggested by hobbyist photography, so I hope this theme to be a new inspiration in the hunt photography with the theme of strong women, women power, and women support.
Thank you.
Strong Women- shunt sand material with basket at their head
Strong Women - waiting for my lingering boyfriend

Strong Women - paddy seedlings
Strong Women - her smile always inspires my hope
theme, women, strong women, women power, women support, activities, tradition, paddy
theme, women, strong women, women power, women support, activities, tradition, paddy

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