Thursday, June 14, 2012

Visit Yogyakarta and feel the exotics

Yogyakarta was once the temporary capital of the Republic of Indonesia in the early days of independence, as an effort to demonstrate to the whole world, that the country is still there when the Dutch occupied the capital Jakarta.
Besides noted as an area that has a very large role for the struggle of Indonesia in the fight for and defend its independence, Yogyakarta is never a lack of places that are very exotic place to visit and offer new adventures for the tourists who visit it.
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The abundance of places of interest for foreign tourists and domestic in the Yogyakarta area, so the admin cannot be present individually or in full in this post. Tourist destinations in the Yogyakarta region, among others, (i) historical attractions, this form of historical relics such as the Borobudur temple which is a huge building made ​​of stone Buddhist worship as a means of more or less built into the V-century and is one of the wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO, where else is the palace of Yogyakarta. (ii) A culinary tour, many places are scattered throughout Yogyakarta offers a culinary variety of warm up snacks. (iii) Tourist handicrafts such as batik and other handicrafts. (iv) Natural attractions, such as coastal tourism (Parangtritis beach, Samas beach, the Merapi Mount and others).

Memorial monument of Yogyakarta
As one of the flagship tourist destination in Indonesia, Yogyakarta equipped with supporting facilities, such as the airport which is just off the town, the inn/hotel from high class to low class, are many and are spread evenly throughout the city and surrounding areas. On a common day, the price of hotel rooms each class is relatively inexpensive compared to other cities in Indonesia.
the chic creativity of yogyarian
Advice, if you have been to Yogyakarta intention is to try to avoid the Eid al-Fitr is a celebration of Muslims in Indonesia, which had a habit / culture of going home or returning home. At times like this, the Yogya in other region will return home and caused the many who are married, then in general, visited the family home can no longer accommodate his family home to Yogya, so the specialty of various classes will be one way out. The next result is a heightened need for lodging rooms and rates will go up several times, even for a particular hotel to go up 4-5 times.
The coming of Eid moved forward more rapidly about 20 days each year, so you have to count them coming during peak season before been to Yogyakarta. 
situation of the dining room in one of the medium class hotel
May informed at 2012 as a feast of Eid al-Fitr will come on August 19 to 20, so that 2013 will come in about the date of July 30 to August 1. And the peak season usually occurs 10 before and after D-day was. 
the chic creativity of yogyarian
Well now, you already know the moments that should be avoided to visit in Yogyakarta and almost all regions in Indonesia will be the same situation, because on that day a national holiday and annual leave with a relatively long time (3-7 days) is not just for people Muslims but also for the other non-Muslim religion, unless you really intend to enjoy the uniqueness of this feast.
Okay, welcome to visit and happy nice trips.


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