Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Indonesian Wild Bush Flower – Part One

Wild bush, shrubs and coppice treasured a lot of beauty that has been neglecting. Many types of bush that have beautiful flower besides have benefits to support health naturally (as herbs). Nearly all land areas across the world there are areas of overgrown shrubs, both cover large areas and restricted areas. Consider the bush areas around you, if you watched carefully and seriously then you will find some of the flowering shrub with beautiful flowers.
Flower bush there is a large, medium and some small. In general, which then developed, cultivated, and then became ornamental garden plants; home gardens and others are shrubs with large and medium-sized flowers, while a small or mini much neglected.
One of the bush with beautiful flowers, but overlooked is the Mimosa Pudica (Latin) or Shameful Plant or Bunga Putri Malu (in Indonesian). Beautiful but neglected. Similarly, as Semanggi Gunung or Oxalis Corniculata have the properties to prevent pain of uric acid and hypertension.

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