Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ogoh-ogoh Parade in Mataram a manifestation against evil spirits

Ogoh-ogoh parade held on the island of Lombok by both Hindus on March 4, 2011. Hindus on the island of Lombok are ethnic Balinese long history in control of most of the island of Lombok. Customs of the Hindu community on the island of Lombok is not much different from the Hindu community in Bali.
Ogoh-ogoh parade is a manifestation of Hindus in the control of evil spirits so they keep the streets that have been arranging by God. Hindus believe there should be a balance between the creatures that exist on earth.
This year, the commemoration day of Nyepi is set on March 5, 2011 and held the day before the parade of Ogoh-ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh parade in the city of Mataram in this very lively compared to recent years. Statues of Ogoh-ogoh included more than 200, of each row (hamlet or community groups) in the town of Mataram and its surroundings.
The various forms of giant statues as high as 2-4 m are creating and then paraded in a parade like that done today. Giant statues are the embodiment of evil spirits that affect the lives of the Balinese Hindu community and must be control. Those are a summary of the intent and purpose of the Ogoh-ogoh this.
Ok, because I am not a Hindu people of Bali, I cannot provide more information in on-Ogoh Ogoh and Nyepi days, so no one gave an explanation that may cause discomfort of Hindus, and then we just enjoy a parade of Ogoh-ogoh series and the atmosphere is in the photos below. Enjoy, and do not forget to visit the Lombok Island next year to be able to witness firsthand the parade of Ogoh-ogoh this while enjoying the beautiful panorama of sea and cultures on the Lombok Island.
There are Ogoh-Ogoh :
 There are Participants :

and there are the atmosphere of the parade :



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I loved it. Very colorful and a lot of participation and on lookers.

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