Thursday, January 13, 2011

sunset on the horizon

Sunset always provides a beautiful panorama impressive atmosphere. Beauty enjoyed from the beach, rice fields, and hills or from anywhere. The gift of the God was fantastic.

First post captured the atmosphere of this sunset panorama from Senggigi Beach Lombok, from the beach in the backyard of the art market and of the strait Sumbawa around the entrance port of Sumbawa Poto Tano, as well as from the hills of Mount Sasak in Pengga Main Canal.

Please enjoy. Thank you very much.

Sunset on Poto Tano Harbor Entrace 
sunset on Poto Tano Harbor - Sumbawa Straits
Sunset on backyard Senggigi Art Market - Senggigi
sunset on backyard of Senggigi Art Market - Senggigi
sunset from the Pengga main canal

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