Friday, January 7, 2011

Indonesian and Happy New Year Event

Today make the event welcoming the New Year is like a necessity for most of the Indonesian, from diverse backgrounds, age, social status, culture and religion. The event is usually done in small groups, medium and large, can be in groups of one family, extended family, organization, office colleagues and others.
Indonesia with a majority Muslim population, in welcoming the New Year has its own way or style that is very different from the manner or style of European or non-Muslim majority countries.
On welcoming the New Year 2011, I plan to make the event along with my office colleagues together to bring their respective families. The site chosen was the tourist area of Kuta Beach Lombok, with a reason, this place is a little more quiet visitors and connoisseurs of the new year, more peaceful and more free compared with the tourist area of Senggigi or Mataram are more lively visitors and connoisseurs of the new year.
The series of photos below will take you dive into how most people of Indonesia welcomes the New Year.

Unfortunately, the event welcomed the New Year or early 2011, precisely around 11:30 until 1:00 pm local time that was very heavy rains that canceled fireworks events conducted by the steering committee Kuta.
All these things and enjoy .....
You can get these photos by clicking on the link below :

photo 01
So tired
photo 02
Keep Smile
photo 03
Waiting – Tanjung An Kuta Beach Lombok
Talking at leisure –Kuta Beach Lombok
Waiting for fish grilled – Kuta Beach Lombok
Happy laughed in darkness – Kuta Beach Lombok
Fish Grilling
Kuta Beach Lombok
French men invited to join us for dinner – Kuta Beach Lombok
Muslim Praying– Tanjung An Kuta Beach Lombok